Understanding the Left: 1

Understanding the Left (UTL) is a new series that I’m starting that will periodically look out how and why the Left does what it does. This is necessary to know as many Republicans turn a blind eye to their activities. For too many years, the Right has assumed–incorrectly–that rationality and reason will ultimately trump anything the Left sells. This past election has shown us that Americans no longer vote on reason or rationality. This comes as no surprise to me, however. The Left has spent the last 50-60 years constructing piece by piece a method and framework that focuses on destroying the ideas and people on the Right.

Let’s take a look at the first theme–one of the most important–that we need to know in order to understand the Left: Manipulating the narrative. Before I get into this, it’s important to provide some background on their manner of thinking. The Left is made up of socio-culturalists (and when I say the Left here, I’m referring to the manipulative Left–there are two factions that I’ve noticed, and I’ve decided to call them the manipulative Left–mL– and the ignorant Left–iL). These are people who do not believe in the idea of inherency (except when convenient to their arguments of support for the marginalized–think homosexuality here). They believe that people are merely products of their immediate surroundings. This is their premise. The words, actions, thoughts, prejudices, brilliance of people–all of this derives from their surrounding environments. To the mL, faith is just a product of a religious upbringing and poverty is a result of an environment constructed by oppressive capitalists. To them, everything in every environment is socially constructed. This is why they push for control in any situations. As enlightened academics, they believe they understand the framework of social constructs and can manipulate people to provide “solutions” to the problems of the world. For instance, with the Sandy Hook tragedy, the mLs don’t view it as an issue of good and evil–remember, unless convenient to their arguments, they reject the notion of inherency. The mLs claim that this tragedy was clearly a result of the influence of guns on society. The gun culture leads people to violence, because–let’s face it–that’s the only thing that makes sense. Why else are guns necessary other than to hurt others? The existence of guns is what created this violent culture, so the solution is to eliminate guns. Guns gone=violence gone. Of course, there’s the well-publicized argument of no access=no violent crimes, but we all (should) know how that ends up (Columbine during the assault rifle ban, the Norway shooter last year, etc.). The issue is really about controlling the environment.

And this brings me to manipulating the narrative–one aspect of the Leftist culture that’s almost overwhelming is the need to control the narrative in the nation. To the mLs, control of the narrative means control of environments. It made me sick when I saw the anti-Romney ads on TV towards the end of spring. It made me even sicker to see that Romney did not respond to the ads. The mLs were making a push to define who Romney is as a person. The recent story in the Boston Globe openly confirms the effort to construct the narrative around Romney:

“I questioned why they didn’t spend more time and ­energy early defining Romney in a fuller way so people could identify with him,” Axelrod said in a postelection interview.

“One of my conclusions is so much of his life was kind of walled off from use. His faith is important to him, but they didn’t want to talk about that. His business was important, but they didn’t want to talk about that much. His governorship was important to him, but his signature achievement [health care] was unhelpful to them in the Republican primary. My feeling is you have to build a candidacy on the foundation of biography. That is what authenticates your message. I was always waiting for that happen.”

Axelrod jumped at the opening. In a major gamble, the Obama campaign moved $65 million in advertising money that had been budgeted for September and October into June, enabling the president to unleash a series of attacks that would define Romney at a time when the Republican would have little money to respond.

This attempt at manipulating the narrative was, quite obviously, effective. Romney never recovered from the late spring push by Obama, and many viewed him as a wealthy man who was out of touch with the American people. This was not necessarily true (especially relative to the president), but the  effort by the mLs to recreate what was true proved fruitful for their cause.

This brings me to an article I read today on the Maddow Blog. This is one of the first efforts of the mLs to actively begin to construct the narrative for the 2014 elections. Steve Benen, the author, writes:

Since the election, the top Republican in the House and Senate have both said they intend to initiate another debt-ceiling crisis, threatening to hurt Americans on purpose unless their demands are met, and prominent Republican leaders in Congress responded to a nightmarish elementary school shooting by declaring that they will not consider any new gun laws.

All of this comes on the heels of a cycle in which Republicans lost badly, up and down the ballot. GOP officials have responded to this public rejection by getting worse — become more extreme, more intemperate, and less open to compromise.

To quote those on the Left who feign academic honesty, integrity, and diligence, “Where’s your source?” To this author, the blame of the goings-on in Washington is the sole responsibility of the Republicans. Conveniently, the fact that they control one part of the legislative branch is of no concern. The fact that there’s no concrete evidence of these claims is of no concern. “Facts” are never a concern to the mLs, as they don’t believe in the existence of truth (they define it as entirely subjective and impossible to make objective, since the ‘truth-teller’ only knows what s/he has experienced). What the author is doing is constructing a new “truth” that will be supported by “facts” at a later time.

What will the Republicans do to address this? It’s widely known that the media doesn’t favor the Right, and this is typically an excuse of the Republicans as to why the process is so unfair to them. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that they’ll do the following: declare in a press conference that they’ve done what they can to negotiate, passively watch the media add to the narrative placing blame on the Republicans, then reluctantly cave to the demands of the Left because it’s what the people want. Why?? Why do this?? This is what they always do!

How do we fix this cycle? How do we combat a process that is engrained in the political system? We need to put in some Republicans who 1) understand how the Left operates 2) know how to work like the Left 3) don’t fear political ramifications 4) understand how American culture has changed and how conservatism relates to the changes and 5) are young. It’s time to encourage retirement (I can’t even say early retirement here with many in Washington having been there 20+ years) and provide America with politically unseasoned alternatives (since the seasoned ones clearly aren’t working out) to the mess we have in Washington now. This is the most effective way to begin to combat the narrative of the Left. Unfortunately, everyone but the establishment Republicans knows this.


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