Republican death spiral

Gun control. Immigration. Inaugural address. What do these issues have in common? They are all distractors to the Right. The Left has found that, if they throw issues out there and present them in a controversial manner, the Right will be focused on “getting a leg up,” so to speak. Unfortunately, the Right doesn’t have the foresight to realize that they should not be indulging these topics as people are out of work. Let’s go through the issues quickly to see what’s going on–

Gun control–this will never pass. The Right needs to step up and make that clear. The people will fight this fight for them, so they don’t need to be giving the time of day to that senator from California. Addressing this issue is validating the arguments the Left is attempting to make.

Immigration–I get that the 4 Republicans in the “Gang of 8” are trying to jump the gun on the president by attempting to portray themselves as friendly to the illegals. However, judging by the president’s rapid response, he was 1) prepared for this and 2) ready to direct them into a lengthy debate on this issue. He was prepared because he knew it would distract them from where they could be strong–the economy.

Hey, Republicans–why bother with “bi-partisanship”? Defined by the Left, it means you capitulate, which you seem to be trying to do.

If the establishment Republicans want to gain any traction with Americans, they need to make the focus on the economy. They can dictate this narrative because they control the money. Addressing any of the issues doesn’t matter anyway if the economy isn’t addressed–people won’t be able to afford the guns and lower tax revenues from a crappy economy won’t encourage enforcement of the current immigration laws at this point.

Establishment Republicans, get your acts together. It’s clear that you’re 8 steps behind the Left. You’re spiraling to a quick demise. Give creative thinking a shot, for once.


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