The Shooting

There’s so much that could be said about this event. There’s so much I want to say. However, I don’t know what I could say that hasn’t been said already. We’ve been bombarded with almost all reactions with respect to this tragedy, and it has predictably turned political. Those children will be forgotten by our country in a matter of days, and we’ll move on with press coverage of the people in Congress. Remember them? They still have drama to sort out.

Before this tragedy fades, I wanted to highlight one element of related discourse that has been broached with respect to this shooting–that of the existence of evil. I’ve reflected a lot about this notion and it’s relationship with people, and I always come to remember this scene from the Usual Suspects. This line is so profound–evil does exist in this world, and we need to recognize it. The culture of the left diminishes and denies its existence. To them, we’re all products of the environments to which we’re exposed. To them, this killer isn’t evil, just another tragic product of an environment that hasn’t sorted out its power struggles.

Tragedies such as this will continue to happen. Always. We will never be able to “discover” what causes people to do such acts as long as we cling to the sociocultural premise constructed by imperfect humans. Sadly, I believe these events will become more frequent and more tragic the more we embrace sociocultural principles. We need to formally recognize and acknowledge that evil exists. Then, we need to address how we’ll deal with it. A good start for us right now would be to hold the memories of these children as long as possible–all while turning to God. Let’s not forget that innocence was violated on that day, and let’s not forget that God can help us deal with this great violator.


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Shock to the System

Peggy Noonan has long been one of my favorite opinion writers.  I’ve always liked how she has the ability to think big and outside the box despite being an inside-the-beltway media figure.  Her most recent column captures brilliantly the challenges facing the Republican party and the urgent need for the party’s complete overhaul.  

If Mitt Romney had won this year, he would have had a very tough presidency, with the left revived and the coffers empty and the president having to move deftly, brilliantly, to summon and keep support. And while there were many things in Mr. Romney’s toolbox, deft political brilliance wasn’t one of them. Meanwhile, demographic and cultural changes would have proceeded apace. So 2016 and after would have been brutal for the party.
But it is well-positioned now for an opening of the windows because everyone, from the establishment to the base, just took a serious shock to the system. Organisms that survive a shock are often able to see their surroundings more acutely. The establishment, hardy self-seeking survivors that they are, already knew the party was in trouble. Now, importantly, the base does. Now local precinct leaders know. The tea party knows, Christian conservatives know. They’re all reading the same data, the same polls.

She’s right.  There is no question that demographic and cultural changes will doom the GOP long term–unless it reformulates how it communicates its values.  

Right now everyone’s open to the idea of change. The party can either go the way of the Whigs or they can straighten up and fly right, get serious, make their philosophy feel new again, and pick candidates who can win.

But party leaders should start making their new arguments now. There’s no reason to wait, no benefit in it. Everything moves faster now. There’s no particular need to let positions evolve, because they’ve already been quietly evolving for years, though people didn’t always feel free to say so. There are many disagreements in the GOP, but they’ve not always been aired. For the past 10 years the party has operated under an ethic of Questioning the Team Is Disloyal, Dissent Is Disloyal, as Is Criticism.

This has been a recipe not for peace but for disaster. Which is what we saw on Nov. 6.

Not only was it a disaster in November, but it’s striking that the Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six Presidential elections.  They’ve done this by having an incredibly aggressive and targeted ground game and by effectively offering people immediate returns on their vote (entitlements).  The GOP must learn how to compete against this winning combination.  While it will take some time, it’s heartening to see folks like Ms. Noonan sound the alarm.

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Thoughts on this?

Thoughts on this?

All I have to say is guns do not have the capacity to exercise free will. The issue is what we’re doing with those who have mental health issues.

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That’s right, we’re rightly modern

So why choose this name? That’s easy. We are Republicans who have acknowledged a cultural shift within the party. We’re conservatives, but we’re not in the traditional sense that the media portrays. We’ve got solutions that haven’t previously been discussed to problems that have been around for a long time. Basically, we’re the new Republicans–we’re rightly modern.

This blog will be manned by two people–me (J.D.) and my buddy Jordan. We’re politically inclined and sharp. We intend to help re-create the Republican Party because, well, it needs to be re-created. It’s time for the establishment to move over–it’s our turn now. We’re taking the reigns, like a child forcibly removes the keys from his parents who are too old to know they shouldn’t be driving. 


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